Founded in 2019 by Leonardo Pietro Moliterni, along with his friend, Sofia Riccaboni, Phoenix Comunicazione. Sofia and Leonardo are strongly committed to discovering and nurturing new talents, and to keeping a personal “family” spirit at Phoenix, something they feel is all too rare in today’s world of international conglomerate publishing.

Phoenix wants to publish a wide range of rumors and stories, because we believe it is the duty of the science fiction and fantasy genres to be inclusive and representative of as many different viewpoints as possible.

Science fiction and fantasy have always been genres in which creators have infinite space to explore bold and inventive new ideas, while also reflecting the multiplicity of cultures, traditions, and identities of our own world. To this end, Phoenix is actively seeking new works of science fiction and fantasy written by and/or featuring people of color, Native people, disabled people, neurodiverse people, LGBTQIA+ people, and those from other underrepresented or marginalized communities. If you want you can send us the presentation (in English or Italian) of your manuscripts to the email

Book publishing will begin in 2022. There are 4 volumes on the program: a fantasy, an urban fantasy, a self-awareness essay and a novel. They will all be published in Italian and English. And priority is given to texts by Polish authors not yet translated into Italian or English. The publications will be in ebook and paper only on request or in case of exhibitions, fairs and events.

In addition to this, Phoenix Comunicazione also deals with managing communication sites in Italian and English, with the creation of promotional content.